Save drafts and create notes online on MPSpider

Dear Members,

We have added a new feature 'Save as Draft' on MPSpider. This feature has been added with the view of providing the members with a facility to save their written (typed) contents as drafts or notes.
Typically, you can use this draft option in the following situations:-

  1. When you want to save a note of anything to develop later.

  2. A sudden power cut or an emergency office call or any such interruption while writing and posting the article.

  3. For getting suggestions / assistance: Typically, we would prefer new members to save their articles as drafts first, and publish them only after getting a nod or suggestions, if any, from the editor(s). We really feel bad when we have to delete an article. So, as a new member you can make use of this draft feature. However, if you are confident that you write pretty well, you can optionally skip saving the post as a draft.

  4. Editors and senior members only: If you are referring / guiding a new member, ask him / her to write drafts first, and give suggestions regarding how to write a good article. Ask to publish the post only when it is up to the mark.

  5. Save draft