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    Some Animal and Bird names in English and their meaning in Hindi language.

    Hi friends, now i would like to share some Animal and Bird names in English and their translation in Hindi.

    Cow- Gaay/ Gaiya

    Dog - Kutta

    Bitch- Kutiya

    Horse - Ghoda

    Elephant - Haathi

    Donkey - Gadha

    Bird - Chidiya

    Cock - Murga

    Hen -Murgi



    Bull - Bail

    Cat - Billi

    Fish- Machali

    Butterfly- Titali

    Crow- Kaunwa

    Fox - Lomdi





    Mouse/Rat- Chuha

    Mice- Chuhiya

    Parrot- Tota/ Mitthu

    Rabbit -Khargosh

    Pigeon- Kabootar

    Sheep- Bhed

    Goat- Bakri/Bakra

    Peacock- Mor

    Owl- Ullu

    Frog- Mendhak

    Hawk- Baaz

    Eagle- Cheel

    Vulture- Giddh

    Snake- Saanp

    Mongoose - Nevla

    Cuckoo- Koyal

    Rhino- Gainda

    Hippopotamus- Dariyai Ghoda

    Buffalo- Bhains/ Bhainsa

    Camel- Unth

    Duck- Buttakh

    Grasshooper- Tidda/Tilchatta

    Heron- Bagula

    Leopard - Tendua

    Mosquito- Machhar

    Pig- Suwar

    Spider- Makadi

    Swan- Hans

    Tortoise/ Turtle - Kachuwa

    Wolf- Siyar
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