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Madhya Pradesh: Historical and Mythical Background

The situational entity of the State lies in its name.It is not merely the land of hills, mountain ranges, forests and rivers, but it still retains the ethos of antique Indian cultures. History of India will remain incomplete unless Madhya Pradesh is brought as an invariable reference. MP has its antique past ranging from the influx of the Aryans, crossing the phases of the Maurya Dynasty, Gupta Dynasty, the Mighty Mughals, the Marathas down to the regime of Sindhia Madhojee.

The Geographical conditions of Madhya Pradesh

Given the vastness of the central land of India - the state of Madhya Pradesh - the geographical conditions vary a lot in all directions. Madhya Pradesh is gifted by the Narmada, the Tapti rivers and the physical divisions of the state by the Satpura and the Vindhya mountain ranges. Rich soil and the borth of many rivers gives dense forests and great lands to settle down in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

Some facts about Madhya-Pradesh.

This article is all about the Madhya-Pradesh. I would like to share some facts being related to Madhya-Pradesh which I have read, listen from various sources.This article is nothing but a collection of some known or unknown facts of Madhya-Pradesh.

The Medieval history of Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh underwent a lot of rulers and emperors, became a part of large empires and also was broken into small states. Madhya pradesh presents with a rich old, classical and medieval history. Madhya Pradesh is also known as the Heart of India and has many major cities like the Indore, Ujjain, Jhansi, Bhopal and is known for many popular events, significant and small.

History of Hindi Language

This is about the history we have about Hindi language.Something that any one in India should know about. Here we do have information about how the language got derived and how it is used in the modern life.

Visiting place in Neemuch

Temples of neemuch and good places where people can visit about garden and important place of neemuch.life style of neemuch and youngester youth likes and dislikes . Main market areas, colleges and schools About hospitals and hotels Areas where people spend their time

Self employment opportunities in Madhya - Pradesh

In this article I will tell you some ideas regarding the self employment. As we all know Unemployment is a big issue not only in our state but in the whole country as well.I will give you brief summary about the ideas to employed yourself.

Languages spoken in Madhya - Pradesh.

The Madhya - Pradesh is situated at the center of India. It is also known as Heart of the country.People from all religion and communities are lives here.There are so many languages are spoken in Madhya - Pradesh. This article is all about the languages of Madhya - Pradesh.

The holy rivers of Madhya- Pradesh

Rivers plays an important role in making of a state.The rivers are not only provides drinking water to all living things but also provide nutrients.Madhya Pradesh have many rivers, the important rivers are Narmada, Chambal, Betwa, Shipra, Sone and Tapti. All rivers have played much important role in making Madhya Pradesh and also having importance in the culture of Madhya-Pradesh.These all rivers have playing a vital role in the lives, history and culture of the Madhya - Pradesh.

Gwalior Tourism

This article is all about Gwalior, Gwalior tourism, Dainik Bhaskar Gwalior, Gwalior city, Usha karan Palace Gwalior, Gwalior fort, man Mandir, Tansen's tomb, Jaivilas Palace and Museum Gwalior, hotels in Gwalior etc.

Economy and Major Food Crops of Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh, being very dense and diversified in its resources, is a great source of Minerals too. In this resource you will know about the various minerals in Madhya Pradesh and where they are found. Also, you can find a list of major food crops of Madhya Pradesh.

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